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We are happy to announce our collaboration with Bitdenex, also a cryptocurrency exchange. Bitdenex is based in The Netherlands (Europe), is registered with the Dutch Central Bank, and has its official permission and license to provide cryptocurrency services. It is one of the fast growing Dutch Cryptocurrency exchange and applies incredible low fee. The merge of Bitdenex and Coindenex, enable us to build a better exchange and provide more and better cryptocurrency services to our users. Visit Bitdenex for more information, create an account and send an email to to transfer your Coindenex account to Bitdenex. For any other question, send an email to

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Coindenex is an exchange and trading platform where you can trade your cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, XRP and many more. Bitcoin is the most popular and most widely used cryptocurrency with a total market cap of over $ 50 billion. All over the world, there are thousands of computers run by individuals, which makes the Bitcoin network stable and trustful. Cryptocurrencies are changing the world. Cryptocurrency is also changing the way we use money/fiat and how we think about it. Coindenex is for the people and creates opportunities for the people to trade cryptocurrencies very easily and quickly. We make Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, XRP and many more crypto’s easy to use and we strive to be the trusted brand in the crypto world where the common people can trade there cryptocurrencies.

How it works

Joining Coindenex is super easy

Start creating your portfolio today with 4 easy steps in under 20 minutes

  • 01 Register

    2 MINS

  • 02 Complete KYC

    5 MINS

  • 03 Make a Deposit

    5 MINS

  • 04 Place an Order

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01. Set up your account

The first step to join our trading platform is to sign up for an FREE Coindenex account.
This account will give you a secure online place to store your cryptocurrencies.
Buy and sell your cryptocurrency easily and quickly on our instant crypto Exchange.
We have very easy payment methods to convert your local currency into or out of your chosen cryptocurrency.

how it works coindenex

One of the best software

The Coindenex Exchange meets the highest requirements.

Rock solid security

Coindenex use one of the best security that is available.

how it work

02. Not sure yet? Try our FREE account

We understand that you don’t want to trade directly through our trading platform as there are so many platforms available. Try our services and an account for free and then decide if you want to join us.

03. Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency

The prices of the cryptocurrencies changes over time, so we will show you the current exchange rate before you place your order. We show only realtime prices. After starting your first purchase, we will complete your order and deliver you your Cryptocurrency.

Realtime Exchange rate

This allows you to see current prices immediately.

Join community

Become part of a great trading group.

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Good member services

We do our best to provide you the best customer service.

Verify your Coindenex account

Within couple minutes.

04. Become investor yourself

Sign up today to learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrency. The easiest way to join the crypto world. Coindenex will keep your cryptocurrency secure and safe. Make your investment, take some of your profit and enjoy your life

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