What We Do

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Bitdenex, also a cryptocurrency exchange. Bitdenex is based in The Netherlands (Europe), is registered with the Dutch Central Bank, and has its official permission and license to provide cryptocurrency services. It is one of the fast growing Dutch Cryptocurrency exchange and applies incredible low fee. The merge of Bitdenex and Coindenex, enable us to build a better exchange and provide more and better cryptocurrency services to our users. Visit Bitdenex for more information, create an account and send an email to support@bitdenex.com to transfer your Coindenex account to Bitdenex. For any other question, send an email to support@coindenex.com.

We make trading in cryptocurrency easy and we secure your investment

Coindenex brings traders of cryptocurrency together and thereby create and built a healthy trading market. We don’t determine prices, but the market determines the prices that is paid for a particular coin. This is how we create a fair eco-system for the available cryptocurrencies.

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Trading Platform/Exchange

The Coindenex Exchange is a centralized trading platform but we only offer decentralized cryptocurrency coins. Our Exchange is for the common people who will not be fooled by the whales that manipulate the markets. The prices of each cryptocurrency is also not determined by Coindenex but by the market of traders. We only brings traders together to create a fair tradingsystem.


Development more products

Coindenex will develop even more products in the near future, such as margin trading and a lending platform to serve its customers. The lending platform will be in combination with the margin trading. We will guarantee your cryptocurrency at all times because we comply with the top safety measures. Let us know when you would like to have another product in the future.


Add only reliable and valuable coins

Coindenex does not have the intention to add all crypto’s to the exchange. We will only add the most reliable and the most valuable coins. We believe that not all coins can claim the status of being very reliable en valuable. We will, for sure, look at the crypto’s that have a lot of potential and will consider to add them where possible. Our community can also contribute coins to look for additions.


Add value to your trading portfolio

By making only reliable and valuable coins available, we add value to your trading portfolio. This means you don’t have to worry about high volatility and large value differences. With less reliable and valuable coins, the volatility is usually very high, so you have great risks to lose your investment. We want to ensure that you run less risk of losing your investment.

The major key of your better future is YOU – Jim Rohn
Advanced Exchange

Instant trade all available coins on the platform. Select your own deposit options.

Access Everywhere

The Exchange is available from everywhere. You only need a secure internet connection.

Instant Prices

The traders determine the prices on the trading platform. That is why it is fair and direct.

Free Education

Join our social media groups to educate yourself and get more information about available coins.

Secure Exchange

Coindenex Exchange is well secured. We do everything we can to secure your assets.

Customer Care

We answer all questions from our customers. We believe transparency is important.

Make The Right Choice

We believe that you can achieve success by making the right choices in life. Investing through Coindenex Exchange can also become a choice of yours. Choose a transparent Exchange that is built for the common people and not for the institutional investors.
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