We are happy to announce our collaboration with Bitdenex, also a cryptocurrency exchange. Bitdenex is based in The Netherlands (Europe), is registered with the Dutch Central Bank, and has its official permission and license to provide cryptocurrency services. It is one of the fast growing Dutch Cryptocurrency exchange and applies incredible low fee. The merge of Bitdenex and Coindenex, enable us to build a better exchange and provide more and better cryptocurrency services to our users. Visit Bitdenex for more information, create an account and send an email to to transfer your Coindenex account to Bitdenex. For any other question, send an email to
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We make trading in cryptocurrency easy and we secure your investment

Coindenex brings traders of cryptocurrency together and thereby create and built a healthy trading market. We don’t determine prices, but the market determines the prices that is paid for a particular coin. This is how we create a fair eco-system for the available cryptocurrencies. litecoin, litecoin minning , litecoin stock

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First of all, you need to sign up for Coindenex account. Your Coindenex account is a secure place to store your Bitcoins. Unfortunately, you can’t exchange your local currency into bitcoin without an registered account. Based on the current laws and regulations, you must have a registered account to be able to trade cryptocurrency.

The KYC and AML policy does not allow to trade anonymously. That’s the main reason why you have to sign up for an account, unless you only want to try the FREE account. For the free account, you only need an email address. Litecoin , Litecoin stock , Litecoin value , litecoin minning .

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Buy & Sell Ripple XRP


Verify your Coindenex Account

You need to verify your Coindenex account, after you sign up. In order to verify your Coindenex account, you need to provide some documentation.

When all the details are correct, your Coindenex account will be open to trade. Once the verification steps are complete, you can start trading. litecoin , litecoin stocks ,Litecoin  value , litecoin sell .

Verify your Coindenex account


Add only reliable and valuable coins

To complete your account, you need to do some verification steps before you can fully use your registered Coindenex account. Go through the verification steps and add the necessary documents. After you add the documents, we will check those and complete the verification after all documents are correct.

We always show you the current exchange rate before you trade. Coindenex don’t determine the prices. The traders dertermine the prices, so make sure you check the rate before you place your order or limit order. litecoin stock , prediction ,  litecoin value .

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Nowadays people spend more and more time on their mobile devices and tablets. To ensure that visitors who access Coindenex from mobile devices have a great experience on the device.

Apart from optimizing the web view, Coindenex is soon launching the mobile apps for Android and IOS users to unlock the power of better connection with people.

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